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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Buyer express buys cars in less-than-perfect condition, like wrecked, broken-down and collision damaged cars. We make the process easy and convenient by picking up your car without any charge to you. We are your reliable solution.

Whether you want to sell your car because of mechanical problems, collision, electric problems or storm damage Car Buyer Express will buy your car.

Car Buyer Express isn’t your ordinary junk car buyer. To insure you get a great offer for your specific car, we use our custom developed Car Buyer express price engine technology and up-to-date market pricing. We also look at the current condition of your car, based on photos when appropriate, mileage, location, year, make, model and trim. All of these factors help Car Buyer Express to give you the best and most accurate guaranteed offer available.

At Car Buyer Express we want to offer:

- Top Dollar

- Quick Payment for Cars

- Convenience

- Free Tow and No Hidden Fees

- Secure Transactions –  Payments via Check, Bank Cashiers check, or Zelle. Cash transactions take place at local bank

Also, you have the security of holding your car until payment is made. When we purchase your car we deliver payment before we tow your car. We don’t get your car until you get your check. Car buyer Express provides a great reputation, ease of use, convenience and offering you a great price for your car. 

Yes. We just about always  beat a carmax offer by a good amount. Show us your carmax offer letter and were certain you will be happy you sold to us instead. Infact we outbid most all other car buying facilities in the metroplex.

Trying to sell your vehicle yourself by posting it on social media can bring you headaches. We've heard many horror stories where people like yourself sold there vehicles in the past or at least tried to only to regret it. Potential buyers not showing up, to wanting to take it to there mechanic, to wrecking it on a test drive, to driving  it rough, to buying it and not transfering title in there name which means you deal with all tolls,red light tickets, etc.

You dont have to deal with any of that when our tech comes out. He takes it for a quick simple test drive and best part is you dont have to worry about paperwork as we take care of all that for you.

We strive to finish the transaction in a fast manner and not to mention paying top dollar for your vehicle. Most other buying techs will come out with a clip board and take note of every detail. We on the other hand strive to finish the entire process within 20minutes because we understand your time is valuable.

We also contact you within 24 hrs but most occassions within 2 hours after your submittal for an offer.

We will buy vehicles that : run and drive,mechanical problems, have body damage, total loss due to hail , structual damage, and even rebuilt title.

We really dont buy older non-running 'junk cars' per say. But if its say a 2010 or above bad engine or transmission yes we still will buy those.

You’ll be in and out in a jiffy! Our professional and courteous car tech will appraise your car for the highest possible cash value and then take care of the paperwork, plate removal and getting you paid on the spot.

If you included the correct 17 digits VIN, multiple pictures, and a description, and do so during normal business hours, expect 15-30 minutes. We will call you to verify your information about your vehicle and ask you any additional questions we need answered to value your vehicle correctly.

YES. We typically don’t buy “junk” valued at less than $1,000, but we will buy cars which need reconditioning. That said, you must disclose the needed reconditioning in both your pictures and your description. It can be very disappointing when our inspector or transporter arrives at your location to make the exchange, only to discover that the vehicle does not match the information that was used to make our offer to you. Please be honest and up-front with the reconditioning level.

Yes. You get paid on the spot via Zelle, Bank Cahsiers Check, or Cash your prefrence.

Typically that is not really the case. There are added expenses to selling a vehicle privately. You will normally pay to repair any issues the vehicle has prior to listing it. The vehicle may take time to sell and any additional payment for your loaned or leased car will be coming out of your pocket during this time. In addition, most private parties are bargain hunters and tire kickers without cash only looking for giveaway deals. A qualified private party buyer would lease or finance a new or used car at a very low or 0% interest rate.

How about the possibility of not getting paid after you made a deal with that “nice” stranger

The risk of a bad/fraudulent check or counterfeit bills

The person you sold the vehicle comes back to your house because something happened to the car

You receive bills from tolls and red lights because they never transferred the title.

Fraudulent sales tax reporting or an odometer rollback that you will be blamed for!

You have NO idea with who or “what” you will be dealing with! This all happening at your home, possibly around your loved ones

Why take a chance? Call Car Buyer Express and enjoy the peace of mind.

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